Star Citizen



Kind of wishing that I had backed it - but then again it’s a lotta money…


The game is going to be awesome , and it’s that much money , 30 dolla for entry and you get the game :slight_smile:
so it’s buying a normal game …


Actually, most AAA titles these days go for 60 dollah, so 30 dolla ain’t half bad at all! :stuck_out_tongue:


They have to do something about the download speed in the launcher, it maxes out at 50KB/s


yeah , it seems like it is something in SA or ISP’s in SA causing this . there was some tracert and stuff on their forums and it seems the interconnection of ISP’s from SA to their download through the lancher is stuffed.

and they cannot enable p2p , some guy and some lawsuites or something … stupid

there is a forum of the direct downloads and some citizens setup torrent feeds to increase the speeds … I’ll look for the link again

Found it :smiley:


Arena Commander Pre-Alpha Multiplayer is here.

Patch links:

It’s pretty easy to figure out the links.

Note - this is what I need for my version.
Let your launcher start updating and you can see what files you need. Adjust the path and filenames accordingly.


1st link is an invalid file?
You guys are gonna own me with my cargo ship :s


First link is valid and works fine for me. It’s only 15k.


Same also 15k, but try open it?


Opens just fine.
Oh, wait. I don’t think it’s a standard zip file though. If you’re not using 7zip it probably won’t open.
I think it’s just a header file of some sort.
Contains the signing certificate methinks. I think they’re just cheating by calling it a zip file.


Ah! okay so it’s not a ‘Zip File’ makes sense.

edit: opened that file via scite and can see it has a certificate + index.


This is the latest patch…


the arena commander for dogfighting is now open to all I see :smiley:

so it’s time to start our fighting against some other humans

could be interesting


Time to buy a fighter :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried it… could not connect for the life of me, but I mainly attribute that to my bad line.


I’ll give it a go tonight , see if / how it works :smiley:


This one is only around 8mb.


something strange i’ve noticed, on vox the download crawls on the launcher, but on my mweb capped account it almost gets full speed.


I’m lucky if I get 50kb/s with the launcher. It’s far faster to download the files directly using a download manager.


yip same here , downloading with launcher is useless .

I played a bit over the weekend , was fun but not when going head to head with a hornet . those ships have serious firepower. can’t attack from the front only try and take him by surprise.

also decouple mode is a must with playing pvp , I was chasing a 300i hitting it quite a lot , next moment I saw him do a twist and firing back at me … hehehe but he didn’t see the asteroid in his path and boom I won :smiley:

PS … My gfx is quite screwed when I enter I get a bunch of colour lines across the screen , only way to get anything done is by pressing escape to enter the menus and go through it to get arena master launched