Star Citizen



Were you guys flying with joysticks, or with Mouse/Keyboard?

I tried initially with joystick, but it was very twitchy (still downloading the latest patch), and I struggled.


I was using my logitech extreme 3d pro . it was twitchy , but I think the biggest thing was that your controll is set to pitch / roll and not pitch / yaw like every other space sim out there before this one.

I used the move left or right to move in a straight line to adjust my aim , now you have to twist the handle to do that. but after clocking around 2 hours of flying I’m almost used to it .

in the patch your downloading there will be an option to change that. I was thinking YEAH !! but now I’m thinking that I’ve just got used to it , I should leave it like it is .

try the joystick with the new patch and see how it goes . I know @Xavier is playing keyboard and mouse , and he is loving it…

I myself love the joystick control , but it’s very sensitive in movement … getting used to is required


I’m old school Keyboard/Mouse.

Just wish you had a cross-hair in third person view in the ships


Bleh. There must be something wrong with me. I just cannot fly these damned things.
Also, targeting seems to be broken… or rather I can’t target anything at all.

For me, this is a fail. It’s not fun.


the secret for me was … as soon as the little target thing in the middle of your view turns green , SHOOT :slight_smile:

because this game is using real physics to control the behavior of flight and all the rest , it is not that easy to fly

maybe to flee flight , shoot at some rocks that isn’t evading you so you can learn or understand the firing and flying … don’t tell anyone but I did about 30 min of free flight before attempting the vanduul swarm … and I still couldn’t get past wave 3 :frowning:


in a nutshell @thisgeek , don’t worry to much about the twitchyness of the controlls , remember pre-alpha :stuck_out_tongue:
the post above the dev’s responded and is improving these controls a bit next patch


For a non-optimized game, it runs like a demon already on my hardware. Lowest was 60fps, highest in the 85’s.

Flying in third person/chase camera is super fun, I keep getting “collision warning” by barreling through tight spaces in between the structures/debris/asteroids. I’ve got my ship pretty well pegged when it comes to flying maneuvers. (until I play online, then I’d be ranked around the worst)



Meh, my problem is I can’t even find the targets. :stuck_out_tongue:
I get the crap shot out of me, but I’m stuffed if I can even see them.


on my joystick it’s the pov sticky thing that you press left to select closest target and right is scan through all targets good and bad , once you select him you will see the red rings going to the target… or there is a red arrow pointing you in the way to turn to see the target


It’s called the HAT switch, fwiw :stuck_out_tongue:

I was using the mouse and keyboard. R/T is supposed to select targets, but nothing happened.


I found this … got the full keyboard layout of controls , but if I remember correctly r and t is the correct buttons

thanks for the HAT switch :wink:


nice link to download and torrents to the files . well the complete game and all updates to today



pvp is starting to roll out … well if you are a early backer


Another 7GB


Direct download link

In case you’re like me and get up to 26k/s on the patcher


Thanks @Rizzy ! the client is horribly slow.


Hey guys, you can get direct files here:


deja vu :eyes:


Console peeps crying for it? I prefer PC as my platform lately, but I wouldn’t mind a console version to be honest.

love this line “consoles offer out-of-the-box simplicity and compatibility, while PCs are all about screaming performance, limited only by income and your determination to use it.”
“Star Citizen would never be “dumbed down for a lesser platform.” But his anti-console stance seems to be working for him: The Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign now stands at more than $48 million.”

hahaha, one of the comments: Warning CIG is not responsible for melted pc’s, blown heads, or wet pants