Star Citizen



Yes. Kind of. You have to mine it, process the resources, make blocks and then build it. Some of us have built ours already… the game designers gave us towels so we could wipe the sweat off our collective brows.


I think you have your games confused TG , your speaking spacecraft , not Star Citizen.

hehehe or I might be wrong

the game is not free WaWa , you have to buy the game , but it is subscription free. so pay once and play
if you pledge you get a nice shiny space ship .


Shhh dammit.


ahh crap … stupid stupid stupid


So the alpha start of Arena commander is set . 29th May
Free flight and swarm attack vs Vanduul . Then in stages multiplayer will be opened … Woot !!! Time to start flying !! Yeah !!!


Super amped!!


If it wasn’t obvious, it was delayed a bit.


it was a go , so downloads will comence today and should be playable tonight :smiley:


So the Arena comamnder is out , download can commence :slight_smile: it’s a 13 GB download … and I’m running at a awesome 60kbps download speeds :frowning:

found a direct download page this morning , haven’t tried it yet but people are saying it’s much better

here is the link :


Client has been updating since last night.
First patch was about 23mb. 2nd one is slightly over 10gb - I’m still busy with it. No idea how big the third or fourth ones are.


This game is going to be massive 50Gb +



I found this thread quite funny , they found something that should have been removed lol


Some Shots of the 300 I avengis :smiley:

nice clean look compared to the Aurora


I find it’s very twitchy with my joystick - actually, very difficult to control. I didn’t feel like messing around with settings.


My download is taking forever!!


Grab it from the direct link that eyeball posted, it’s MUCH faster than the client.


Oh awesome!


Had a go this morning.

What a game this is going to be!



I played the Vanduul swarm this weekend and man , there is a huge difference between the Aurora and the 300i

I played the Aurora first , battled to down them , the 300i kicks serious ass , nice weapons but is much softer than the Aurora .

can’t wait to have pvp enables so we can really test the ships