Star Citizen



Aurora Mr+


What’s this…I heard my name


Shhh, shhh, it’s ok… go back to sleep.


Somehow I get the impression that Wawa isn’t into spaceythings?


Hey Insanity , I was at the coast and it was great , until my 3g stopped working , I was cut off for a week

didn’t mind much as the Holiday was super cool not have to worry about work mails and all :smiley:

my Thoughts on the ranking is that if you were a founder you are a Chief , that’s the 4 of us ,

The rest are enforcers . The Captains is like the Officers .

The DFM should be released this week so I’m holding thumbs we can start flying around :smiley:


Indeed! @Rizzy would make a good “Officer” :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t wait to fly about as a pack of 9 guys taking controll of the 'Verse


Well, I am a Captain (The best Captain!!) in Middle-earth :stuck_out_tongue: Makes perfect sense to me…


Well some updates are done , if you pledged before the $42 mil mark you get your own Uee Towel in your hanger . smallish patch 24 odd Mb and some bug fixes.

Also you can now join Multiple orgs …

a nice video about the release found by @Xavier



Man, you look like a poor citizen there…




Another one :smiley:


Someone get the tape measure!!!


Yeah I’m sad. I got shown up. I thought I was pretty hot shit until @EyeBall showed up. :frowning:


I can’t login in to the launcher now after the 25mb patch…


What ship is that, I don’t see it on the web…


it’s the Cutlass , suppose to be for medical rescue . but because of the multi crew it was adopted by Pirates for boarding and pirating :smiley:


Oh… your pick didn’t show the front of it.


is it free? do i get my own spaceship?