Star Citizen



Well the Big Reveal is here Dog fighting module is being revealed tomorrow at PAX

some sneak peaks in this clip

soon we will be able to kill some folks (or be killed ) :smiley:


We all get towels!


there is only 927 alpha slots remaining and they are going fast, if you want to get the dog fighting module and start to “play” then better get a move on


You mean for people who have not yet pledged?


yes , for those who haven’t pledged yet.

they said once these alpha slots has been filled only Beta slots will come available and I heard Beta slots will as far as everyone knows only be for just before release of the game next year.


The Reveal was Friday in Boston … Here is the reveal with ingame showing … good and a few crashes :slight_smile:

nice to watch , and makes you want to play it NOW


I think it’s just as well there will be private servers. From what I heard, there were a lot of complete douchebags in the crowd at the reveal.


I watched the reveal and there was one guy , white shirt that was drunk making remarks … most of the guys there was enjoying it. there is actually a bounty on the guys head , people looking to find him and reveal his ingame / forum name so he can be hunted from day 1 in the PU

I think the avg guys in the game is good level headed gamers … like us … ( mostly our age as well )


This game is looking better and better as time goes by…



Ok, so I haven’t been paying that much to the preceding posts. How exactly do you get this game and start playing?



Thanks Ingy :thumbsup:

So basically, it comes out in 2015, and if you buy a starterpack thingy, you get preorder and early beta access which allows you to look at your ship :smiley:

Ok, so the question is, is it better to wait? or should we all get the “preorder”?


You have to pledge a $40 minimum to get the game. I think there is only a limited number of slots left?


There are no alpha slots left.


I saw that. Only beta access available now


So, I went and bought a backer package :smiley: this game looks like its going to be epic!

@EyeBall , I requested to join the organization :smiley:


I’ve accepted :smile:

I set you as “Captain”



If it were up to me i’d make all the geeks Chief’s, but I fear the proverb “Too many chiefs not enough indians” coming to light :stuck_out_tongue:


Just don’t let @WondaWoman in then, she’ll make Thugs out of all of us :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for accepting, Flea


@Rizzy What package is that, I’m getting more and more interested in this all the time…