Star Citizen



and yes , it’s SP squadron 42 , then you enter the 'verse … MP … spent plenty of cash on this game , and can’t wait for it to get live … gonna be awhile , but on retail if you don’t pledge you don’t get a ship … have to work for other people to earn enough to buy a ship.

if you pledge $35 I think is the minimum you start off with a ship :smiley:


New Hanger patch , doesn’t look big , it’s for the oculas rift 3d glasses support


What kind of work ?


I would imagine doing quests and the like, or if they’re going for the whole EVE-like thing, building a functional economy so you would be hired as pilot or gunner or some other things.


slave labour , hehehe

no as Tg said , you would do flights as copilot with real people or NPC’s. noone knows for sure if you starting with a ship or not ,but they say once you’ve completed the SP game , you will have almost enough to get a starter ship and start flying , you will also need to get insurance in game credits so if you crash your ship or get blown up , you don’t lose everything


AS I understood the video from the dev’s the Squadron 42 will take place in the multiplayer world. However your experience will be tailored to you & no-one can interfere & you may bring in a buddy co-pilot


last time I heard , Squadron 42 is a offline or online single player game , with coop on certain missions if you like , once you’ve completed SQ42 then you can jump into the 'verse

if you prefer you can opt out and join the 'verse straight up without playing SQ42 but you have to pay in game credits to do so and you then are a normal civilian and not a citizen …


Time to watch some videos again then :stuck_out_tongue:



in essence SQ42 is a single player campaign , with coop BUT after the single player game , you start the MP 'verse

2 games basically with character transfer from one to another


Essentially playing Squadron 42 will be your “Military Service” which will earn you citizenship.


Well said TG


I see today , they are 72% done with $39 Mil

amazing how much money these guys are getting !

ETA on Dog fighting module is 10th April … can’t wait to start flying and shooting AI and Players !

there is only 6722 remaining alpha testing and backer slots open … and they get around $40 000 a day , taking up around 100 seats a day

this is gonna be rocking !


Crazy! Let’s hope that this game is worth it!


Been wondering which one to get, led me to this:

Ps. also found this:


So Star Citizen reached their $40 Mil community funded mark

there is a poll for Backers :slight_smile:

Oh and INgeon , welcome to SGInc :wink: have you bought your backers starter pack yet ?


I voted for an engine tuning kit, but the UEE marine combat armor is by far the most popular.


I voted Extra hanger , so you can have one on each side of the galaxy :slight_smile:

but we will see


One cant join an organization without doing so it appears :wink: (if i understood your question correctly)


I see our Orginazation is growing :sunny:

8 members , I like it. Soon we will be able to fly in space , last ETA on dog fighting was the 10th april

a month or so to go

very exciting


the crowd funding has breached the $41 million mark :exclamation: