Suggest a gaming headset

My headset is dying. It has been for a while, but it is now causing me great frustration as I’m suddenly auto-muted during my lamenting at tags being taken and not being able to counter Anim… any… body.

Granted they have lasted me several years - as in 7. But I think the time has come for some self-spoilage and a new set.

One thing I have grown very fond of is its wirelessness. Being able to be AFK and in the kitchen making Wonda tea and still hearing you lot complain bitterly about lurkers and such keeps me coming back for more. I would like that to continue.

I prefer over the head types, and one thing they must have is sufficient padding and luxurious softness up there as my er… hairstyle dictates maximum paddage.

Full size comfy over the ear cups are also important so I can drown out Ani… any… one else that is making a noise around me.

If you have some recommendations, I’d like to read about it.

Thanks Geeks

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I have the Corsair Vengeance 2000, Debbie has the Corsair Vengeance 2100.

Both are wireless and they are pretty good, range is amazing.

(oops, sorry didn’t see that takealot is out of stock)

Landmark seem to have :


Thanks Flea - I’ll check it out

What is your current headset Souper? If it lasted that long and served you well, It’s worth looking into.

They’re Logitech, and looking at their current range, the equivalent would be about R3,000. And they’ve not had the greatest reviews when compared to other headsets of similar spec and lower price tag.

What a time to buy stuff, the rand has gone bonkers.

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I’ve had the Vengeance 2100 for about 2 years now and the age is starting to show, slight headband tearing and mic boom no longer stays all the way up, but battery life is still a solid 9 hours. Range is pretty good, about 20m in house. Sound is brilliant, except for some distortion on loud base, one example being the shotgun in Tomb Raider sounding quite horrible, but these encounters are limited.

The Vengeance 2100 has been replaced with the H2100 though. It is literally EXACTLY the same headset, right down to the circuitry, with an orange tint instead of blue. And a price hike of R500. So if you’re looking at these, give them a few months for the price to drop.

The Logitech G930 is in exactly the same price class, though they claim it has much better Wireless range. Earcups are also slightly bigger.

If you’re looking at the Corsair, you might also consider the new VOID Wireless. Very nice set, with some additional customisation and the same sound quality as the Vengeance. Bigger battery and nicer software though.

They are quite pricey, but compared to some of the “High-End” Asus, Creative, and Razer cans I had before these (all RMA’d due to incredibly bad build quality), these have the best mix of sound quality, battery life and comfort of all.

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Thanks for the feedback - I really appreciate it.

Stock is an issue across the board just about and so I expect prices are going to fluctuate even more when new stock comes in at our rock bottom Rand v Dollar prices!

Logitech G930s I’ve seen online are all in the R2500 - R3000 price range so quite a lot more than the R1600 of the Corsair 2100, unless they’re on some super special somewhere :wink:

I agree re the H2100 - I find no difference other than the colour detail. The Corsairs in general seem to be a very solid middle-class headset and perform well in most categories - sound quality, battery life, comfort, build.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for some Jan sales for sure!

And he bought a corsair one already. So much for the January sales. No patience with this one.


I bought my chinese Noadi wireless set for about R350 bucks. The black stuff over the ears has flaked off and I have had to repair the swivelly bits bit epoxy and super glued the frame once. All repairs due to crush damage and rough handling. The sound is very good. The mic is brilliant. It plugs into a 3.5mm jack and has a flexable armoured construction. I would buy another one. It’s still going strong. Battery life is about 8 hours on full charge.

Prudence trumps patience when you have the likes of JZ in charge. Imported stock next year will have a hefty margin added to offset the JZ factor. No sale can outperform him, nosireee


I’ve got a Plantronics Rig and it’s pretty darn awesome, for about $120

Dear Capitan muffles. So exactly which set did you buy? the 2100 or H2100 ?

Did you try any of these:


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I’m on a vengeance 2000, do I sound muffled?

Only when your mouth is full.

I got the H2100. I did try playing with the Dolby and EQ settings while on Discord a couple weeks back with TG and Flea and didn’t seem to affect the mic input. But those links look promising @iNgeon - thanks!

Frustrating that I can’t hear what you mean, even when I check the mic test box on the headset software. Sounds fine to me.

Will test using those links and see what happens.

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Works fine, They just aren’t used to hearing all the sounds that make up your voice.

no, my squeals must be high pitched and deafening :tired_face: not muffled and puny :expressionless:

I have researched much on this topic this week and have loaded a preamp which seems to be the only way to boost this mic to a near normal level - it might need some EQ to try and even out the noise that comes along with doing that, but I have tested and am told that I sound more like me now.

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You didn’t sound like you over voip with muster last night. First time I’ve heard the new headset. It was rather alluring.

It’s his 70’s pornstar voice. You can hear those loooooong side burns.