The Division



I can’t comment on Phantom Pain as I dont own it.

This game is fun in groups. Really enjoyable. Even running around on your own doing encounters is good.


Ill chime in and say that I have played only solo so far in The Division. I am 19hours in and just hit lvl 16. I think it’s a great game that I know will only be better when grouped up with people. I’m not regretting the 100.00 US dollars I paid on it for the Deluxe edition.


Holy crap, $100!? You know how many nappies you can buy with that!? :laughing:


Funny cause its true :stuck_out_tongue:
On a completely different note, the all time best seller on takealot are nappies :smile:


New patch today. (Steam = 1.5gb)


Nappies = diapers. Skeeb is from the US of the other side of the world


lol… thanks TG… I wasn’t about to ask but now at least I get the humor.


I have been playing The Division again and the new content is great. There are a few new Instances and some new game modes, gear and changes in the DZ.

One new game mode is called “Survival” and throws you into the world with minimal gear and a time limit to get to the DZ and get extracted. Quite challenging and good fun.


I saw you pop up on steam, havent thought about this game in ages. Was fun in a group.