Update 01.026: Conveyors are now available in Space Engineers! This is the first WIP version and a realistic and more complete version will be added later.
With the conveyors system you will be able to collect and transport inventory items from one location to another.
We have also added the collector – helps you to collect small objects - and the connector – helps you to throw items from inventory to space.

Full list of new features and fixes here: http://forums.keenswh.com/post?id=6855270

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Much goodness!

Important! @InsanityFlea - don’t leave the game while there’s an unbuilt connector - it corrupts the save. Or rather - the game does not know how to load the save. You can recover by manually removing the connector in the sandbox sbc file.

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Update 01.027


We have added wheels (so you can build vehicles), missile launcher for large ships and platforms, functional turrets (gatling and interior; used as defense mechanism) and decoy block which can be used as aiming target for the turrets. We also added the pause button in offline mode.


  • wheels - use them with rotors and artificial mass to build vehicles
  • automatic turrets – gatling and interior turrets are now functional. They aim automatically and can destroy meteorites, decoys and anything that is connected to the decoy. They can be used mostly as defense mechanism and not for shooting other players, but if a decoy is placed inside a space ship or space station, the turrets will shoot and damage it
  • decoy block – they are used as aiming targets for turrets; they don’t require electricity to function
  • missile launcher block for large ships and platforms
  • added Pause button (pause/break) in offline mode – now when you open the inventory in the offline mode, the game does not pause by itself (as it was until now by default) but keeps running. In order to do so you must do it manually by pressing the Pause button
  • collector, connector and conveyor systems now require power (electricity) in order to function


  • memory peak after load (32-bit system)
  • fixed sprinting and running sounds disappear
  • fixed hand animation when adding/removing objects in creative mode
  • fixed few crashes and game not starting issues
  • fixed launch issues on cards without HDR support
  • fixed assembler sounds
  • fixed custom names

Meh, I’d rather they fix conveyors than add new stuff.

Well, my refinery is now sending processed items to my assembler, which it wasn’t doing before this update.

So far conveyors only work from point A to point B

collector → refinery → assembler → cargo box That how I want it to work, but assembled items stay in the assembler :frowning: Just one last step to fix.

EDIT (4/28/2014):
Update 01.027.010

  • fixed issue when large ship moved/rotated after it was hit by the character (generally known as ship bumping issue)

Update 01.028: Added the grinder for large ships (it helps you to disassemble blocks faster and in a much larger amount comparing to the hand-grinder) and the option to adjust the gyro force (useful for ships made by a small number of blocks). We have also fixed the crashes caused by ALT+TAB.

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/post?id=6877211

Doors are bugged, one half stays closed. You can still use them though.

Saw this reported numerously on the forums.
I’m sure they will fix it quickly. At least it’s not game breaking.

Bit of a bug with the tools as well, it shows a large block if you select the welder/grinder. Goes away after you select different items though.

Update 01.029: Added the option of grouping items in the Control Panel - it helps you to control and manage multiple items and objects with only one click. Also added the “reverse” button for rotors and landing gears in the Control Panel.
We also want to inform you that in the present we are focusing mostly on bug-fixing and stabilizing.

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/post?id=6888359

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Scaffolding? flashing lights?

Can’t see anything new. That’s just framework.

Some are saying it’s a docking block, looks like a connector to me.

Top left, the thing on the framework looks like a gatling gun. Not sure what the yellow effort in the center is. Maybe the solar panels can be mounted differently now? That looks like centered on a block to me, or is that two blocks?

Bottom right, I can’t tell what that effort is on the end of the framework, other than it is fed off tubes and a conveyor … maybe a turret of some kind.

Yep thats the gatling gun on a conveyor, the yellow box in the middle was the grinders pit they showed in the one video (last week’s update) Those solar panels are on two blocks you can tell by the top lights.The beacon however is on with no text, I presume they turn the ui off for the screenshot. I dont spot any new blocks.

  1. New start platform?
  2. New starting ship?
  3. That new yellow ship with the drills?
  4. Flashing lights/pulsating lights
  5. Trolling us and it’s bug fixes to do with the items in the screenshots
  6. Have a look at the gatling conveyor, it’s using the two doors on a reactor as a ‘pass though’ interesting …

Best comment: “4 player split screen!”

Here’s a clearer pic : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=279468658900103&set=a.193171660863137.1073741830.147545475425756&type=1


Update 01.030: Added missile turrets and curved conveyor tube. We have also redesigned the default ships (red, blue, cargo, respawn) and the starting platform in order to be used more effectively for the new features.

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/post?id=6899499