Vorty's 3d printing service


That’s orsm!



i foresee a day where you throw a big 3D printer on top of a plot, print out your house and move in the next day.


There are a set of books on 3D printing going for cheap on Humble bundle:


Here Vorty, I’m sure you could make this:


Forgot to tell you all:

I slipped… again…

This one is so unbelievable qualitywise - has a bunch of new features, but probably top of all of those is the awesomeness of the Orange and Black color scheme! :slight_smile:

The pictures really don’t do it justice!

The lines on the wings etc. are the inner supports - the blue is translucent, so you can see the insides, but it gives a fantastic effect, especially on the chest - looks like scales.


that is very cool! especially being able to see through to the inner structures. the mind boggles :sunglasses:


How can I get in contact with you these days? I have a 3D model that needs printing.

Want to send you the model files and discuss your suggestions as well as your price ;). Nothing for nothing. Your skype is offline!


Yo Stoolie! I missed this - woops :slight_smile:
Chat to you on Messenger.


Bunch of books on 3D printing on Humble bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/make-fan-favs-and-digital-debuts






Vorty Saves the day again

I have this nice fan, but it seems somehow it must have fallen over. Both my children swear they never saw anything.
Anyways the bit that holds the fan to the top so you can direct it to where you want the nice cooling air shatterred into many pieces, as can be seen bellow:

This kinda made it pretty useless.

Vorty designed a new and improved version using some bits we had lying around the office, and printed some news pieces.

The new bits are in white :slight_smile:

The fan now has new life and it’s also much less likely to suffer another shattering event.


End of year “work” :slight_smile:

To be honest (Yes Dru, I know it should be my default setting!) I would never have done the repair work if I realised it was for a Salton… I have a personal hatred for anything with that brandname! :stuck_out_tongue:
It does explain why the plastic shattered so easily - it’s made of crapite.

You might need to spray paint it black Sheepy - the white looks a little odd.


Smooth out your 3d prints


That is a different method to what I’ve done before - probably safer too. I’m a little “Must have final results NOW”… so I tend to heat the acetone to get it to vapour form quicker. Adds to the danger though… exciting :wink:


You like playing with fire… literally.


Vorty! In the words of Murray, “I need I need I need!”

When are you back from “Africa” amigo?


Almost forgot. @Vorty
Spectum_DX6i_Battery_Cover.zip (453.3 KB)

Please allow me to send a camel to fetch the finished thingy this time and perhaps exchange slaves or livestock or something for the depletion of your vespene gas and minerals.