Vorty's 3d printing service


I would be happy to have a look for you! As for the camels, they always look at me with such a sneer that I feel they are judging me harshly for all my past crimes.


Past crimes with camels? Okay …


One hump or two?


@Drusky Any specific colors?


He said pink. The brightest pink you have available.


@Vorty it only took me two months to reply :roll_eyes:. Colour means nothing to me! Nor time apparently. Again you tease me with options. Do you have red? I don’t think “TG pink” is a good idea.

In other news please don’t print it yet. I have a new project for a model glider that I need help with. We may as well kill two projects with one printing session :grin:


Use emojis you heathen.


@Drusky What’s 2 months between friends! :slight_smile:


This is interesting:


Basically it’s a printing system that doesn’t require human intervention to remove the printed items… or something. It’s fully open source, and there’s links to various software and hardware packages. There was mention of them releasing their design docs once they hit their kickstarter goal.