Windows 10



Windows 10 Home Costs $109.99 While Professional Costs $149.99


So what’s the verdict on Win10? Is it a good idea to upgrade from Win 7?


Is there a downside to reserving the free upgrade (from Windows 8)?


I don’t think so.


Microsoft announced an official release date.


Thank you very much.


I’ve had it in testing for some time now, it’s very stable (even the beta versions) and all my office apps & games run fine barring a few games that wont run because they fail to recognize the OS.

In a nutshell it’s windows 8.1 with a new start menu made up from a mixture of windows 7 & 8.1 and some extra bells and whistles added.

Some of the new features include:

  • Multiple virtual desktops (oh look! they’ve caught up with linux)
  • Cortana voice assistant (Not sure if it will run in SA, my phone is set to USA for it to run)
  • New web browser replacing Internet Explorer (IE finally get’s taken outback and shot)
  • Xbox one streaming
  • DirectX 12
  • New notifications display
  • Apps can be run in windowed form (no longer fullscreen! yay!)
  • A transparent cmd prompt window with Ctrl-V support (paste - finally!)
  • Most commonly used folders will be put automatically into ‘favorites’ (I found this VERY useful)


There’s going to be regional limitations, is it worthwhile to go for the US version?


This came in very handy, since I don’t want to upgrade, I want a clean install of windows 10 on my machines.


It’s here! go go go.
(use this tool to create an ISO/USB media for domain machines since domain machines dont run the ‘Get windows 10 app’)

  • unless you used the reservation app, in that case the downloads started last night and your app showed this screen:


How very nifty that they allow a free upgrade from Windows 7. Should I be waiting until they iron out the bugs? Cue audience laughter sound bite


In my testing the only issues I came across were GPU drivers. (AMD & Nvidia) otherwise all our corporate apps work just fine, didn’t get any BSOD’s either. *never tested games due to GPU driver issues


mmmm, my AMD driver is already screaming at me for being outdated. Unfortunately they have made updating it a nightmare for people such as myself. Forget auto-updater or even downloading and doing it manually through the catalyst blah blah. Last time I did it was such a rigmarole with much hate and googling.


Well since my testing both AMD & Nvidia have windows 10 ready drivers, so it should be fine.


Having the driver available is one thing. Getting it installed is quite another.


A hacky way to disable problematic updates:


ooh I got “something happened” on a windows 7 machine.


Since I haven’t seen the previews, I must say, it’s interesting. Crappy menu is still crappy, but much better than it was. I like the default colour scheme and the window decorations are nicely done.


whatever happened to the humble checkbox? Instead, you’ve now got to just about re-programme your PC to get it to not do something!


The windows store is have a few connection issues atm, some apps download some dont.
Retry your apps on monday.

I’ve been trying to download this the whole day, only one machine managed so far.