Windows 10



Unfortunately stupid people are destroying the world.


They tried to make it idiot proof. We’ll show them, we’ll become better idiots. HA.

Note - Be patient with the activation. I had many errors trying to activate my copy but it activated all on it’s own eventually. I’ll chalk it up to flooded/busy activation servers on M$'s side.


luckily i’m from mars, so i’ll just go back to where i came from


I’m kind of annoyed. Some very basic functionality that was available in Windows 8 is no longer available in Windows 10:
The ability to specify a network folder as a source for images for the background slideshow. You can’t even trick it via a link. And it’s obvious that two different teams worked on desktop background, and the lock screen.

The desktop background, when you select a network folder, nothing happens at all. When you do the same function in lock screens, you get a more informative error message that tells you the selected location can’t be used because of its location. wtf?


Windows 10 seems to be acting very strange on my PC. I get lots of hangs, especially for the task bar and I have a start button, but it does not do anything.


OK, was able to fix the hanging task bar, but in the process I destroyed all the tiles on my start menu, which I have seen once before I broke that while fixing the hanging task bar.


Click on the windows feedback and up vote the issue if there is one logged, MS are using this new system to make changes to the OS. Looks like it’s here to stay. I thought it was only for the preview versions but i see they are still using it.

Open your start menu and type feedback.


The more i read and see the more i see MS version of android and iOS

Flash back


I really like how you can see the relation from desktop to mobile now, so many elements in windows 10 that are exactly the same on the phone. The apps menu, the network menu, the notifications menu etc.


Too good not to post.


I got a notification for AMD an driver update.


Speaking of AMD - my card got fried yesterday. Seems my particular spec/model machine had faulty graphic cards installed. Mine fits the bill in every way, but its off to Joburg via our local iStore for the techies there to diagnose and/or repair. If they agree that its a card failure (which it very definitely is even though it ‘passed’ all the hardware tests in-store today), Apple at least replaces it gratis even though its almost 4 years since I bought the machine.

Minimum of 8 working days till I get my machine back though :frowning: so its back to my trusty macbook pro. Don’t know where I’d be without it, Time Machine and iCloud! Well I do, but its dark scary place.


this is a Windows thread…take you Mac issues elsewhere


true story



The trouble is, that isn’t the only strategy that Microsoft is taking. Microsoft is employing
a unique “advertising ID” that is assigned to a user when Windows 10 is
installed. This is used to target personalised ads at the user.
Note that the “and more” statement basically covers everything that you do on a device. Nothing, in principle, is excluded.


Good heavens what is MS up to:

& ( Original article: )


That’s where Windows Update for Business will come in. I’ll be running it on a server. (It’s the old WSUS)


What is this hate-hate relationship that Win 10 have with Outlook? it has corrupted config files and now ignores pop3 account details?


I can’t say I’m terribly thrilled with Win10. Randomly on fresh boot it refuses to connect my network drives. Only a reboot fixes it.


Since my upgrade, my Microsoft Excel tends to complain that my documents are being edited by “User”, and will notify me once read/write is possible again. :confused:

Another annoyance is that I can’t set a custom DNS on a Pppoe dialup connection. Kinda makes my life difficult for testing.


Just got the windows 10 black screen of death (which apparently is a thing) on my laptop. All was fine…then nothing. Bloody nothing. So annoyed.