Windows 10



Windows 10 does in fact remove apps that are not compatible. It does give you a list before you continue, so you are warned and can choose not to upgrade. Heck, even windows 7 did that.


Okay so I never moved to 8/8.1/10 so this is old news but Windows store doesn’t sound that appealing:

Also, I tried Win10 on my mother in laws PC and I can’t seem to figure out how to install
something to a different drive\folder than the defaults without hacking some settings.
Uhm, I think she has Home


Just don’t use the windows store. Duh.


Indeed, STEAM FTW.


The only kind of shopping you should do at a Windows Store, is window shopping :grin:


Well on their lower spec Windows 10 S it seems to be the only install method:

Users can only run applications available on the Windows Store platform, and attempting to run an external application will result in the user being redirected to a similar program on the store.


Windows 10 s … It’s locked down, you only have edge browser and bing search, only runs apps from windows 10 store.

I understand why they called it “Windows 10 S” - “windows 10 :poop:




Nice for guys who don’t have servers at home, me personally, I use a WSUS server at home, with only bi-weekly approvals. By the time an update gets approved MS have fixed it.